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About CASportsBettingSites.com

At CASportsBettingSites.com, we are steadfastly committed to providing you with comprehensive and up-to-date information about the evolving landscape of legal sports betting in California.

In a state where the sports betting industry is on the brink of blossoming, our mission is simple yet pivotal: to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. As we anticipate the launch of legal sports betting in California, our vision is to establish CASportsBettingSites.com as a cornerstone for the betting community here.

We aim to be the go-to platform where bettors, both seasoned and new, can converge to explore, learn, and discuss the burgeoning betting scene in the Golden State.

Meet the team

Our expert team is passionate about bringing you the latest in California sports betting. With diverse backgrounds and a shared love for the game, they work tirelessly to ensure you're always in the know.

Brian Cass

Brian Cass

Brian Cass is a sports betting analyst and author at CASportsBettingSites.com. Brian passionately follows the NFL and has been covering sports for websites like The Liberty Line. With a keen analytical mind, he navigates bettors through the complexities of online wagering, ensuring they capitalize on the latest promotional offerings.

Dan Bradley

Dan Bradley

Dan Bradley, author at CaSportsBettingSites.com, is a sports betting expert with a junior hockey background. When not analyzing sportsbooks, Dan tries to catch as many NHL matches as possible.

Johnny Covers

Johnny Covers

Johnny Covers is a sports betting expert and author at CASportsBettingSites.com. He has shared his betting predictions for almost a decade, and his work has been featured on various websites, including FantasyPros, Sportsbook Review, OddsChecker, Betting Pros, and many more.

Mikhael Aram

Mikhael Aram

Mikhael Aram is an editor at CaSportsBettingSites.com. As a seasoned betting expert on American sports, Mikhael offers in-depth analysis and insights into the state's betting landscape. With a keen eye for odds and a deep understanding of the market, he guides readers through the complexities of sports betting, covering everything from legislative updates to strategic betting tips.


Gary Garry

Gary Garry

Gary Garry, a contributing editor at CASportsBettingSites.com, has dedicated over 20 years to the gambling industry. His work has been showcased on renowned websites such as Gambling.com, Crossing Broad, Elite Sports New York, and many others.

Justin Koch

Justin Koch

Justin Koch is a contributing writer at CaSportsBettingSites.com, specializing in analysis and reviews of sports betting platforms. His insights help readers make informed decisions in the dynamic betting landscape.

Responsible gambling

We are committed to promoting safe and responsible gambling practices by providing accurate information, resources, and support to our visitors.

Getting help with problem gambling is crucial and there are several pathways to seek assistance and manage the issue effectively. Firstly, consider reaching out to friends and family, as sharing your struggles with loved ones can provide initial support and encouragement.

Additionally, engaging with professional counselors can be immensely beneficial, as they are trained to assist with gambling problems and can provide valuable insights and strategies to manage the issue.

Utilizing helplines, such as the National Problem Gambling Helpline, offers confidential, 24/7 support for individuals facing gambling issues. Moreover, joining support groups, like Gamblers Anonymous, provides a safe and understanding environment where you can share experiences and learn from others in similar situations.

Advertising disclosure

We are an independent company that is not directly affiliated with any sports betting operator. However, we may receive financial compensation from some of the operators when you visit their website.

The compensation we receive does not under any circumstances affect the services you are offered, e.g. fees, bonus promotions, or odds.

Company information

CASportsBettingSites.com is owned and operated by Ribacka Media AB, a Swedish company with more than 10 years of experience in creating consumer-first sports betting guides on the internet.

The company consists of experts with a deep knowledge of the industry and the aim is to make sports betting transparent, accessible, and enjoyable to anyone.

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