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California sportsbook promo codes

Unlock winning opportunities with our guide to California sportsbook promo codes! Discover what sports betting promo codes are, how they amplify your wagering experience, and where to find them. Dive into the nuances of using codes on CA sportsbooks, explore terms, and weigh the pros and cons, ensuring you bet smartly and beneficially!

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Online sports betting and online gambling in California are still far-off dreams at this point, with voters in the state actively striking down two propositions that would have legalized sports betting in 2022.

Though momentum is slowly but surely starting to build in the state, the soonest a launch could happen would be in 2025 if voters approve new measures from the 2024 session.

If such new measures pass and online gambling becomes legal, you’ll likely notice loads of advertisements and commercials with messages like “Use our bonus code when signing up.”

In this guide to betting and sportsbook promo codes in California, we’ll walk you through the bonuses you may see and how to get them

Best California sports betting promo codes

While California sports betting promo codes are currently non-existent due to the state's legal restrictions on sports betting, the buzz around its potential legalization is undeniable.

As we anticipate changes in California's betting landscape, below is a preview of promo codes from renowned sportsbooks that Californians might one day enjoy.



Promo code

📱 Caesars CA

🎁 Second Chance Bet Up To $1000

📋 BETT11000

📱 DraftKings CA

🎁 Bet $5 Get $200 in Bonus Bets

📋 No code required

📱 BetRivers CA

🎁 Second Chance Bet Up To $500


📱 FanDuel CA

🎁 $1000 No Sweat Bet

📋 No code required


🎁 Second Chance Bet Up To $1500


📱 Fanatics Sportsbook CA

🎁 Bet $10 Get $40 in Bonus Bets

📋 No code required

What is a sportsbook promo code and how do they work?

Sportsbook promo codes are words, phrases, or alphanumeric combinations that, when entered on a sports betting site or mobile app, unlock bonuses that would otherwise be unavailable. They carry a degree of exclusivity that makes such codes extra valuable.

The type of bonus may vary, and codes may expire or change to unlock the bonuses. Additionally, some sportsbooks won’t use promo codes at all, instead requiring players to opt in or opt out of the promotion.

These codes work the same way at other online gambling sites, though the type of bonus is often the biggest difference (we’ll get into bonus types in the next section). Codes are also kept separate from the sportsbook and casino sides, so while operators like DraftKings and FanDuel both have casinos, the sports betting promos won’t overlap with casino perks (though loyalty program points may still apply for using both).

Common bonuses that might need a promo code in California

Immediately after online gambling launches in the state, promo codes will be widely available among betting operators. Here are some of the common bonuses you’ll see at sportsbooks and online casino sites that might need a promo code in California.

  • Sign-up bonuses: Also called “welcome bonuses,” sign-up bonuses are promos that apply when you first register with a sportsbook or iGaming site. They can take on a variety of forms including any of the other options listed below, or be something different entirely (though they’re most often the ones in this section).
  • Play-it-again bets: Play-it-again bets are casino bonuses that track your real-money wagers in the first 24 hours of creating your account, then give you bonus credits equivalent to your net losses (often up to a certain capped amount). On the sportsbook side, this is called a “second chance bet” and covers your first wager on the platform with an equal-value bonus bet (or series of bets) up to a given value.
  • Deposit match bonuses: Deposit matches award bet credits at a dollar-for-dollar match to the amount you use to fund your account. Like the play-it-again bets, there may be a cap involved, but this is still extra credit you can use toward making your wagers without having the same hit to your bankroll.
  • No deposit bonuses: All the perks of a deposit match but without needing to put real money into your account, no deposit bonuses are as rare as they are player-friendly. Very few sportsbooks and iGaming sites still offer this bonus type, so when you see one available, it’s certainly worth using to your advantage.
  • Boosted odds: Boosted odds will change the amount of profit you earn on a winning wager without requiring you to change the stake amount. For example, a line could be listed at +200, resulting in a $200 profit on a $100 wager, but an odds boost to +300 would result in a $300 profit for the same stake. Most of the time, odds boosts will range from +25 to +100 and won’t require a promo code, but that amount could be even higher, especially if you’re using a code.
  • Parlay profit boosts: Similar to boosted odds, parlay profit boosts offer an additional percentage in the payout for winning parlay wagers. Because parlays can already have a high payout even at a relatively low stake, these bonuses are usually capped at $100, though they could be higher.

How you will be able to use promo codes on California sportsbooks

Using promo codes on California sportsbooks will be an easy process, given that you use the correct code. Here’s how you’ll be able to use them and claim the bonus.

  1. Access the promo page: Navigate to the appropriate promotion page and make sure you’re logged into your account; alternately, if you haven’t created an account yet, go to the registration form where you intend to use the bonus code.
  2. Type in the promo code: Next, find the correct text field to enter your promo code and click “apply.” If this code is for a sign-up bonus, you’ll need to complete the rest of the registration form before moving on to the next step.
  3. Fulfill any additional requirements: Finally, depending on the bonus type, you may need to complete some extra steps such as placing an eligible wager, making a deposit, or waiting for your wager to settle. After you’ve done so, you’ll be able to claim the bonus and take full advantage of the offer.

Where will I be able to find promo codes for betting apps in California?

There are many places where you will be able to find promo codes for sports betting apps in California after the launch of sports betting in the state. Here are some of the top options:

  • CASportsBettingSites.com: On this site, we’ll list all available bonuses and necessary promo codes for legal, licensed California sportsbook operators. We’ll update this site as often as the codes change so you’ll never get burned by an invalid promo code.
  • On the sportsbook’s promo page: In some cases, sportsbooks will list the promo code directly on the promotion’s info page. You may be able to find a code simply by clicking “promos” when you log into the platform.
  • In your email/via text message: When registering your account, you can choose to opt in to receive promotional offers via email or text message. If you choose to get these offers, you’ll regularly receive notifications with promo codes, some of which may not be publicly available and will be email or text-exclusive.

What terms and conditions could be needed for promo codes in CA?

Promo codes for betting platforms in CA will each have their own unique terms and conditions. While this will lead to some variances along the way, there are a few terms and conditions that will be almost universally applicable. Here are some of those specifics.

  • Age requirement: Depending on the age requirement defined in California’s betting bills, you will likely need to be at least 21 years of age to be eligible to use promo codes on gambling sites. There are states where the age requirement is 18, but 21 is the likeliest option here.
  • Location requirement: You will need to be physically located in California, or in another state where the gambling operator is legal and licensed, to be able to claim and use a California betting bonus offer.
  • Usage requirements: Bonus funds unlocked with a promo code will not be transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer. These funds will also expire after a set time period if not used. Promo codes are limited to one use per account, so if you run into an issue where you’re locked out, get in touch with the operator’s customer service team.

Upsides and downsides of promos for betting sites in California

Once betting sites launch in California, there will be pros and cons to using promo codes for said platforms. While the upsides usually outweigh the downsides, there are plenty of factors that merit consideration. Here are a few of each.


  • Additional perks for online play: If you’re playing at a land-based casino or placing a wager at a retail sportsbook, you won’t be able to use promo codes. However, with online play, you can access bonuses from anywhere in the state at the press of a button.
  • Easy to use: Using a promo code is simple and straightforward. Type in the code and get the perk. If you can’t figure out how to use the code, odds are you shouldn’t be gambling at that site anyway, as this likely means you’re at an unsafe site.
  • Doesn’t require using your bankroll: Promo codes often provide users a way to play without tapping into their bankroll, especially in the form of bonus bets, free spins, and bet credits. This can lead to enhanced payouts on winning wagers and reduced losses by not requiring real-money wagers to use them.


  • Promos and their perks expire: Promo codes are often only available for a short time. Additionally, bonus funds/credits/spins have expiration dates and will be lost if not used. Depending on the time limit, this can create extra pressure to place a bet you aren’t 100% comfortable placing. As a reminder, you should only bet within your financial means and stick to your budget.
  • Potential for high upfront cost to maximize bonus: There are bonus codes that can reach into the thousands of dollars in maximum value. However, in some cases, that amount of money must be wagered or risked first before you are eligible for bonus credits. Those higher-risk promos can be offputting and unaffordable for some bettors.
  • Cannot be used with other offers: Using other features like early cashout or trying to use your bonus code with another offer such as an odds boost or featured parlay can result in both offers being ruled ineligible.

Why do some bonuses need promo codes?

Some bonuses need promo codes so the sportsbook can keep things exclusive for players in certain states or regions.

Additionally, promo codes can sometimes unlock bonus offers that aren’t available to the general public. The codes can also lead to offers that are more lucrative than the public options, so California gambling sites use those codes to make sure bonuses end up in the right hands.


Will only new players be able to use promo codes in CA?

No, promo codes in CA will not be limited to new players only, and returning players will be able to use them as well. However, sign-up bonuses will be exclusively available for newly registered bettors. To see if you are eligible for a promo code, check in with CASportsBettingSites.com, where all legal, licensed online gambling platforms will have their bonuses, promo codes, and terms and conditions listed.

Will I need a promo code to get bonuses on sportsbooks in California?

Yes, in some cases, you will need a promo code to get bonuses on sportsbooks in California once the state legalizes online sports betting. Some sportsbooks will offer codes to unlock lucrative bonuses while others will make their promotions available via opt-in or opt-out. CASportsBettingSites.com will list the promo codes for each sportsbook following the launch, along with any necessary terms and conditions.

Who do I contact if my betting promo code in CA doesn’t work?

If your betting promo code in CA doesn’t work, you will need to contact the sportsbook’s customer support team. Most online bookmakers will have a 24/7 chat feature available to connect you to a service representative, while others may list a phone number or email address directly on their site to help remedy any issue that could arise.

Can I use the same promo code twice on California sportsbook sites?

No, you cannot use the same promo code twice on California sportsbook sites. Promo codes are limited to one use per player and cannot be combined with any other offers on the platform.

Will all CA sportsbooks offer promo codes?

No, not all CA sportsbooks will offer promo codes, but some of them will. Here on CASportsBettingSites.com, we’ll list all active promo codes, as well as the bonus offerings that don’t require them.

Fact checked by: Gary Garry