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MLB betting in California

Major League Baseball (MLB) is as popular as it has ever been in California. With five teams in the state (until the Oakland Athletics complete their move to Las Vegas), the state has a rich MLB history that could result in more championships in the near future.

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Sports betting is not yet legal in California, but we’re still preparing for the possibility in case the legislature ever approves the practice. With that in mind, this piece will take an anticipatory look at what MLB betting in California will look like after a hypothetical launch.

Best expected CA betting apps for MLB betting

California will have a virtual second gold rush when sports betting is legalized as sportsbooks will flock to the state to capitalize on what would be the largest sports betting market in the U.S. Here are some of the best CA betting apps we’re expecting will bring their MLB betting product to California.

FanDuel California


FanDuel is already live in California as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) site, so it should be a familiar name to baseball enthusiasts. The app is excellent for beginners to pick up and use, though experienced bettors will find FanDuel enjoyable as well.

DraftKings California


DraftKings also operates a DFS site in California, and the app’s vast array of same game parlay markets is sure to please. DK’s customer service is also among the best in the industry.

BetMGM California


BetMGM is highly regarded in sports betting circles for its top-notch rewards program. Its bonuses are frequent and lucrative, with many baseball-specific offers available throughout the season.

Caesars California


Caesars was the first sportsbook to forge a partnership with an MLB team, opening a retail sportsbook with the Arizona Diamondbacks in July 2022. The bookmaker has consistently delivered generous MLB-themed welcome offers to new players while delivering competitive lines.

Which MLB betting promos will California sportsbooks offer?

When sports gambling goes live in CA, the MLB promos will be frequent and generous. Here are some of the top MLB betting promos we expect California sportsbooks will offer.

  • Bet/Get offers: A common type of betting promotion especially for new users is a “Bet/Get” offer. Typically, this involves betting a smaller amount of money (such as a $5 or $10 wager) and getting a significantly larger return in bonus bets or bet credits. This could read as “Bet $5 in any MLB market and get $150 in bonus bets.
  • Same game parlay (SGP) boosts: Baseball offers many opportunities to craft same game parlays, and you can find on a near-daily basis different odds boosts and profit boosts for this type of bet.
  • Team-specific odds boosts: Once California legalizes sports betting, it’s likely they will target CA-based teams. This could include offering more favorable odds on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ run line, the Los Angeles Angels’ moneyline, all San Francisco Giants players to hit a home run, or the strikeout total for the San Diego Padres’ starting pitcher.

How do I begin wagering on the MLB in California?

The process to begin wagering on the MLB in California will be simple and straightforward. Most users will be able to complete registrations in about five minutes. Here’s how you’ll be able to get started following CA’s sports betting launch.

  1. Research where to wager: Picking the sportsbook(s) you want to use is an important decision, and the more informed you are about the available options and benefits from CA operators, the better. To that end, we’ll have reviews of each authorized, licensed California sportsbook listed on our site to help you figure out the right fit for you.
  2. Complete the signup process: To complete your registration, you’ll need to provide, at minimum, your name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  3. Study the betting markets: Learning more about recent team and player trends, injury reports, starting pitchers, umpire crews, and weather reports will help you make smarter bets as a whole. During baseball season, we’ll have team pages for all California teams that update with the latest betting news and information so you can be prepared to make your wagers.
  4. (Optional) Download a sports betting app: You may find it more convenient and preferable to make your wagers on a sports betting app. This would be somewhat expected, as more than 80% of all U.S. sports wagers are made online or through an app. Search for the sportsbook’s name in the appropriate app store for your mobile device, and be aware that there may be a state-specific application of the product
  5. Shop the odds and place your bets: An important element of sports betting is odds shopping, which is looking at multiple sportsbooks to find the best deal for the lines you want to play. Think of it the same way you would for purchasing a new car, tv, or phone; why pay more for the same product? The differences in odds between sportsbooks may be small, but these subtle variances can add up over time to make sizable adjustments to your bankroll.

Common bet types in baseball

There are many different bet types that are common in baseball betting markets. Here are a few of the most popular varieties.

  • Moneyline and Runline: Moneyline and runline wagers are betting picks on the winner of a baseball game. The moneyline picks a straight-up winner while the runline handicaps the score line by requiring the betting favorite to win by an adjusted score line (usually by two runs or more, though in rare cases, it may be by three runs or more).
  • Player Props: Player props are wagers on individual statistical accomplishments during the game. Some examples would include whether Shohei Ohtani will strike out more or less than 6.5 batters, if Fernando Tatis Jr. will hit a home run, if Mike Yastrzemski will record 2+ hits, or Mike Trout will record more than 4 total bases during a game. There are also season-long player props, such as which player will win the Cy Young, MVP, or Rookie of the Year.
  • YRFI/NRFI: YRFI and NRFI are acronyms for “Yes Run in the First Inning” or “No Run in the First Inning.” This is a fun wager type on whether either team will score a run in the first inning of the game and is not tied to the final score of the game.

MLB betting odds

MLB betting odds read in the same manner as in other sports, so if you’ve got a betting background, it should be familiar to you. However, if you’re new to the world of baseball betting, have no fear! We’ll explain it here.

When looking at the lines, you’ll typically notice a “+” sign and a “-“ sign in front of the odds. The “-“ sign denotes the “favorite,” which is the betting term for the most likely outcome, while the “+” sign indicates the betting “underdog,” which is the less likely outcome.

For example, let’s say the Dodgers are the home team in a game against the Padres. Los Angeles would likely be favored as the home team, so the moneyline may read “San Diego Padres (+125) at Los Angeles Dodgers (-145).”

Using this example, a $100 wager on the Padres would win $125 and pay out $225 if San Diego won. Conversely, you would need to wager $145 on the Dodgers to win $100 and pay out $245 if L.A. got the win. You don’t need to wager $100 or $145 in these scenarios; the payouts will scale proportionally.

Expert tips for MLB wagering in California

When you’re wagering on MLB in California (following the legalization of sports betting), we recommend you follow these expert tips.

  • Don’t bet on heavy favorites: Betting is all about finding value in the markets you’re playing and capitalizing on that value. Moneyline underdogs win approximately 44% of the time, meaning the favorite comes out on top roughly 56% of the time. If you see odds of -200 or more on a moneyline favorite, this means you’re risking twice (or more) the potential return on your investment, which is typically a poor value given the likelihood of an upset. It’s better to walk away in this scenario or consider a runline water where the odds are more favorable.
  • Sample size matters: When you’re crunching numbers and preparing to make your wagers, pay attention to the sample size of your statistics. While recent trends (such as a hitting streak or a strong pitching start) tend to sway more casual bettors, looking at season-long totals or histories from multiple matchups can paint a clearer picture.
  • Bet with your head, not your heart: Backing the team you root for can be a fun way to bet casually, but if you’re looking to take betting more seriously, doing your research and trusting what the betting stats tell you is more important than following your fandom.


Is it legal to bet on MLB in California?

No, it is not legal to bet on MLB in California. Sports betting in CA is still prohibited and there are no active bills that have been proposed to change that status.

Will CA sportsbooks offer MLB betting promos?

Yes, CA sportsbooks will offer MLB betting promos once sports gambling is legalized in the state. At that time, CASportsBettingSites.com will have detailed reviews of all approved operators that include information about bonuses and promotions with each of those bookmakers.

Is MLB betting popular in California?

No, MLB betting is not popular in California, as sports wagering is still against state law. However, based on the popularity of daily fantasy sports, we can safely anticipate that MLB betting will be quite popular in CA if the practice is ever legalized.